In year 2019 we saw some of amazing high tides and faced low tides as well. Overall, it is successful year and now it is time to look at what’s is ahead. For professional SEO’ers 2020 is bringing few new strategies with updated tactics that will work for you and help in dominating SERPs. Are you ready to generate quality revenue in year 2020? For professional and fresher’s in SEO, here is a quick sneak peek of top 7 upcoming trends: –

1. GOOGLE BERT: First things first, recently we all watch Google’s launching its new algo named as BERT. Needless to mention but it gained lot of attention all over world and SEO eco-system. Naturally, SEO’ers now want to learn about how-to’s of optimizing for BERT. It is highly recommended for SEO’s to pay attention to user-focused optimization and technical aspect of delivering fresh content. In a nutshell, it means you must reassess user access points, then align your content accordingly. Optimizing for BERT is one of massive leap SEO’s are going to take next year.

2. New Benchmark of Quality Content: Content is king as it is not changing anytime sooner. In SEO, starting from site structure to internal linking and type of links you build, content affects everything. So, to success next year, you need to write something which brings value to website. In other words, SEO will need to learn to write or hire people who know how to deliver quality content on new benchmark set for 2020 SEO Trends. There is no guessing, long-tail search will still remain about 75% of search queries. Content will help to build website authority and affect ROI in positive ways.

3. E-A-T More: Year 2020 is looking for continuous overall reputation and expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, in short E-A-T of given companies. This tends will be working for individuals as well. In case, your company struggle with poor reputation and other issues then it is right time to start manifesting positive feedback. In 2020, trustworthiness is going to value, while maintaining strong focus on fresh quality content as only weapons against fake news.

4. Technical SEO: Amongst BIG trends, SEO’ers will be focusing on greater success in UX aka user experience. Overall experience from initial interaction in SERP’s and extending to landing page experience and beyond will be counted for an authentic and true experience. SEO’s need to stay sharp on technical foundation.

5. Mobile SEO?: Year 2019 generated lot of prospects in mobile SEO, you will be surprised to see mobile SEO as one of massive trend in 2020. It will cover almost every website will be built for mobile-first and then for desktop and tablets. Those who have yet to optimize their website for mobile, well, now is good time to take this step. Mobile performance is going to priority along with voice search.

6. Data Structures: Knowing high-quality content is going to be there in 2020, however, we would need neater search engine signals or ‘hints’ for delivering better results. Keep client intent as base, there would need to structure data to help search engines to better understand what on-page and also one element relates to other elements. When you do it right structure data become your essential marketing layer. It is highly recommended to leverage structuring data to enhance your analytics.

7. Graph Optimization: In year 2020 expect to see real-world objects on internet. Google might find new ways to include entity related information using augmented queries. Slowly but steadily you should be able to optimize entities which is your site is about. Google Knowledge Graph will make sure that everyone has a view of optimizations.

Quick Tip: Know more about ‘quality visits’

Wrapping Up

Lastly, apart from everything aforementioned, year 2020 is aligned for brand building and sonic branding. This means focusing on audio branding, visibility, and zero-click searches.