Today our biggest concern is regarding coronavirus. As per latest updates, its impact is spreading globally and affecting world’s economic conditions. Although no one knows how long it will take to contain this disease completely, its ripple effect is altering current trends faster than anything else.

There is a spike in various trends due to its widespread across nations. Millions of people are now choosing to shop from home and deserting shopping malls and streets. The outbreak videos are going viral and it is predicted that if conditions worsen then there will be a massive shift on online purchases.

Shop Online

Government and hospitals have issue preventive measure to keep citizens safe. Many people are now sticking to shop from home against going out to buy their daily products, groceries, and other products.

Meeting Cancellations

From top organizations to scaled companies, everyone is beginning to cancel their meeting and events. Google has canceled CloudNext Conference in San Francisco, Rakuten Advertising canceled DealMaker London event, American Physical Society (APS), a 55,000-member professional society canceled its largest meeting.

Horrible Time For Tourism

As per reports, Expedia is expected to earn $30 – $40 million less due to impact of coronavirus on tourism. Fall in visitor number has affected tourism, and hotel has been warned about ‘forced out of business’ in case of outbreak continues.  Hotels in various tourist destinations have cut down their price by half.

Product Shortage

Covid-19 outbreak is massively impacting medical product supply chain. There is shortage of critical medical products in U.S and potential disruptions to supply as well. Manufacturer has alerted that short of human drugs and active pharmaceutical might continue. It is essential that medial support groups use other alternative that can be used by patients. Many countries are facing shortage of medical equipment as well. Here are four specific proposals to prevent or mitigate medical product and device shortage: –

  1. Lengthen expiration dates 
  2. Improve critical infrastructure
  3. Improve supply chain information
  4. Establish reporting requirement

Impact on SEO Consulting

Coronavirus is hitting hard on several high-profile marketing events, for example, Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is called off, Facebook Global Marketing Summit is canceled and F8 Conference has been put down too.

There is major impact on digital marketing trend in Asia:

1. Trends of Audience Search Query: There is big spike in search interest rate for keyword ‘coronavirus’ in searcher’s respective language. Google trend is showing high search reach across plethora of markets and is still peaking.

2. Trends In Advertising: There is an increase in search but people want to simply understand more about coronavirus. As per research, businesses in related verticals to not consider Coronavirus to be significant opportunity.  Advertisers do not appear to be making most of the opportunity may be due to lack of solutions provided for it. With sales collapsing, search marketing is getting severely affected because of client dropping off their plan and can no longer afford to pay for SEO consulting.

Recommended Actions 

– Regular Review of search query reports 

– Optimizing bids 

– Pay careful attention to campaigns

– Monitor latest news

Wrapping Up

In recent timeline of events, important information gets ‘masked’ easily.  With Covid-19 affecting every industry and sector, it is essential to take precautionary measures on both real and digital fronts. You have to be smart marketer or supplier right and start thinking about essential preparations.