Currently, we stand at end of the year 2019. We have spent fair amount of time with SEO and now we know that keywords play a big role in success metrics. But it is yet so common to hear conversation around keywords, including keywords research. During conversation with SEO, measuring success for website depends on updating keywords. Today, we shifted out keyword-focused mindset and brought back topic-focused mindset. This change is binging forward to massive results.

Topic Vs. Keywords

It is uncommon to as at this point what is difference between topic and keyword. Especially considering it is end of year but it is still important piece of SEO puzzle. In a nutshell, topic is more of holistic approach to keyword research, since topics have vast number of relevant terms and queries. With topic-focus, you can create number of content and bring around nice verticals for your websites. For example, with topic focus, you can divide up your content into: –

1. Early-Journey Content
2. Business Point-Of-View Content
3. Problem-Solving Content

It is also essential especially for local businesses to be educated about early funnel and type of content which will outline current product. You can also focus on problem-solving content or common needs of customers.

Charting Your Strategy

Believe it or not! But it is one of those things that you don’t want to miss out, in other words, it is essential to chart out your strategy. You can build-it, design-it, rethink it and discuss it with your team. Perhaps you can step back to see how your strategy works without your contributions. It is recommended to strategize it with topic-focused point of view instead of keyword-focused view. Try looking at broader aspects of offering and simply identify top-level topic for that offering. This will give you better understanding of requirements and needs of your clients. Once you have an idea of what your main topic is going to be then follow standard keyword research process. Look around topic that needs to be covered and ask yourself quality question of what might be right regarding the topic. Now, use this information to do your further research. You can also try performing research activities in real-world and ask people in your target demographics.

Take Advantage Of Competitors

When it comes to SEO, you need to understand what content you need to have to perform well. Start by taking topic-focused approach and then building your way to targeting sometime exceptional. Make sure to continue to monitor your competition in areas that you are targeting. It is helpful to identify competitors, you can run through their website and using analyse about their current performance. Use this as baseline to find some results for yourself. So, once you understand what your actual competitors are doing in same area then it is time to analyse their content structure. Make sure there is no plagiarism in content as it can directly hurt your brand.

Content Intent

Search engine has evolved, especially with recent rollout of BERT it becomes essential to understand intend behind queries used to create content. You may use tool available for SEO’ers to identify topics and keywords. But, best way to identify intent behind query and simply searching for it in different windows. Changing content intent can massively change number of your audience and your overall education.

Website Structure

While designing and creating content around your selected topic, it is essential to organize your content in simply way. Using proper structure in content will help in crawlers to make sense. Search engine can sense one relevant content from others given on subject. So, make sure to use it to improved results around your topic.

Wrapping Up

It is time to dominate, now when you have decided your topic you can easily plan roadmap to implement. You can also use content strategy which I mentioned in other post. Together with proper content marketing strategy and aforementioned tips you can aim for greater efficiency.