Twitter is being used all around world, because of one single reason and that is it offers a great place to grow your business. It is a platform that offers rise to many happy business stories, satisfied customer reviews and close look to on-going trends. Tweets are new pencils that help you to write about literally everything. Believe it or not, there are over 7,000 new tweets every single second with average lifespan of one tweet being about 18 minutes or so. In other words, tweets survive four times less than Facebook posts. Steve Torrance, a digital marketer from London uses twitter to send across his message and to make an impact.

“But it is easy to get lost in so many tweets happening and that is why you need to ditch older ways to tweet”

Twitter marketing techniques bring along pack of tips that gets people to take action and to get proper attention back to you. Though, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what method will work? Here, is top ten ways to powerful twitter marketing which will solve puzzling platform problem for you: –

1. Profile Photo: Header Image, and Description: First things first, it is essential to have recognizable, easy-to-recall and crisp tagline. Do not use blurry image or fuzzy tagline. Keep it short and simple, so that anyone can remember. One of best ways is to keep names consistent across all social media profiles. Stick to clean and clear logo design.

2. Thoughtful Bio: Next, peculiar things about twitter is that it gives you only 280 characters to do good things. You can also showcase your company, keep it accurate, keep it targeted, add relevant hashtag and you are good to go.

3. Witty Tweet Time: Twitter is certainly one of eye-catching platform, and to add to it there is peak times, certain days of week when user are more active. In other others, you can easily identify and leverage those hours. As per Mary Chan one of SEO’ers – “start posting during peak time, to get better results, more impression and tons of clicks”. Here is a breakdown of best time to tweet: –

a. Best time: Wednesday at 9 a.m. and Friday at 9 a.m.
b. Best Days: Tuesday and Wednesday
c. Consistent Engagement: Monday – Friday 11am- 4pm
d. Worst Day: Saturday
e. Lowest Engagement: 10p.m. – 4a.m.

4. Pro Hashtag Use: Believe it or not! Many people think using hashtag is irritating while others feel anxious about the count. It is true tweet that has hashtags get twice more engagement than those that don’t. Moreover, it is important to use right kind of hashtags, in other words, hashtags with right context. There is plethora of online platforms which can help you to identify proper hashtag to use.

5. Gold Pie: Everyone feels confident after looking at pie chart. Nowadays, it is easy to run some advance search on twitter wouldn’t it be nice to find people who are interest in your business? With twitter advanced search, you can figure out right terms, so instead of sending out promotion tweets or writing you can use exact same terms. Advanced search can help you put right lead in-front of you. So, now it is easy to tell them how your product is easy to use and affordable. Moreover, do not forget to add images to your tweets.

6. Adding Figures and Images: Adding images and figures essentially boost your tweet and you’ll get more clicks as compared to tweets with images. You can get compelling 89% boost on your tweets by adding images to it. Also, figures and images increase overall relevancy.

“It is highly recommended to use videos and live stream in 2020”

7. Twitter Video: Looking for even more engagements? Start using twitter videos, image will get you attention by videos easily outperform images. You can use your smartphone camera to record fresh videos, or you can also upload existing videos. They are more likely to get retweeted as compared to photos. The have more engagements as compared to GIF’s. Moreover, videos are a great way to share new information with followers.

8. Polls: Next, one of easiest ways to boost activity on your profile by using twitter polls. To add a poll all you need to do is one-click on poll button, then enter options to vote and you are good to go. Poll can be funny way to make followers and it can be quite engaging as well. Make unique polls and get outstanding engagement rates.

9. Creative CTA’s: One of popular ways to drive sales, generate leads and increase download lies of idea of creating power CTA’s. Adding call to action is the only way to go beyond asking user to share post it is great way to get ‘followers’ to follow your profile. You can use common CTA’s like follow us, visit out site, download here and more.

10. Reach-Out To Influencers: Last but not least, now it easier than ever to pitch your ideas. With Twitter, you can get large following and bring forward your innovation. Using twitter can change your audience’s perception of your brand. Also, this platform can bring you closer to influencer’s, look for their profiles and align your post with their brand messages. Almost, every influencer is active on social media, and you can harness power of platform to reach to your role models.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is best platform to increase brand awareness and surely this trend is following to upcoming year 2020 as well. If you don’t have twitter account yet then perhaps it is time to make one, use aforementioned tips to boost your twitter marketing campaigns and to produce amazing results.